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South Dakota Pulse Processors, LLC
About South Dakota Pulse Processors, LLC
South Dakota Pulse Processors is a South Dakota based company with local roots.  Our principal activity is the sourcing, processing, and trading of dried edible pulses.  We intend to purchase lentils and peas from farmers in South Dakota and process them into a value-added product for our customers.  Our purpose is to create value for growers, quality products for our customers, and economic opportunities for the local community.  Our company will become an active player in the export markets. We anticipate exporting approximately 60% of our product to international markets.  Our initial capacity will be 550,000 bushels per year of mixed products.  US pulses are exported as 'farmer raw' to either Canada or India. Once there, they are cleaned, split, and packaged and then shipped back to the USA as an imported product.  By having the processing plant located here in South Dakota, all of those steps would be achieved at the plant, reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the value for both the farmers and consumers.
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